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This unit gives learners an overview of the procedures associated with the organisation of food service. Learners will investigate why staff organisation and methods of operation and service vary in different hospitality businesses depending on the particular requirements of the business. The cost implications of the choice of service methods will also be covered. Learners will look in depth at the importance to a food service business of effective supervisory and organisational practices, including following procedures and maintaining good liaison with other departments within the business. Learners will gain insight into staff management, effective preparation, use and control of resources, and the maintenance of adequate operating and sales information. Learners will develop an understanding of the importance of relevant legislation, particularly in respect of hygiene, safety and effective trading in the food service. This is important as it underpins all aspects of food service operations, minimising potential risks of non-compliance and assisting learners in their preparation for work. Good workflow systems are essential to ensure success in hospitality business. Learners will analyse appropriate workflow systems, and consider influencing factors in their design and how they contribute to successful food and beverage operations

Food and Beverage Service operations involve a multitude of activities which engage the staff right from purchasing raw material, preparing food and beverage, keeping the inventory of material, maintaining service quality continuously, managing various catered events, and most importantly, analyzing the business outcomes to decide future policies

Fundamentals of Food Service Management - the basic knowledge and skills required for operating the Food Service Industry. It emphasises the hospitality industry that provides catering service, styles and techniques of food and beverage operations and food production unit.

This course is designed to enable the students appreciate the importance of food and beverage service in the hospitality industry and factors which contribute to the establishment and maintenance of acceptable health and safety standards

Full time