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It is the one of the many departments of the hotel business which directly interacts with the customers when they first arrive at the hotel. The staff of this department is very visible to the guests. Front office staff handles the transactions between the hotel and its guests. The staff receives the guests, handles their requests, and strikes the first impression about the hotel into their minds.

The course is designed to provide the student with the basic technical knowledge of front office procedure

Some of the basic prerequisites include: 1. Handling guest accounts. 2. Coordinating guest service. 3. Trying to sell a service. 4. Ensuring guest satisfaction. 5. Handling in-house communication

These operations are visible to the guests of the hotel. The guests can interact and see these operations, hence, the name Front-House operations. Few of these operations include − 1. Interacting with the guests to handle request for an accommodation. 2. Checking accommodation availability and assigning it to the guest. 3. Collecting detail information while guest registration. 4. Creating a guest’s account with the FO accounting system. 5. Issuing accommodation keys to the guest. 6. Settling guest payment at the time of check-out.

Full time