About Us

The Topearl Institute of Catering and Hospitality/Tourism Management was established in 2002 by Mrs A.T Sokari, to offer strategic and empirical solutions to the challenges of unemployment and shortage of adequate competent and skilled manpower in the Tourism and Hospitality economy in Nigeria. This, we do by providing theoretical and hands-on vocational training in Catering, Tourism, Hospitality Management, Interior Decoration and Fashion Design.

Our experience at Topearl has shown that training youths in catering and other related skills is relatively one of the most inexpensive and effective ways of empowerment. This experience is also common with housewives and other women who need to contribute to the economy of their homes and also improve their catering skills for their personal and family needs.

Our faculty of professionals and competent instructors include experts from neighboring higher institutions - Rivers State Polytechnic, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, University of Port Harcourt and managers from top hotels and human resource departments across the state and beyond, who understand the dynamic challenges of the industry and are able to provide the industrial platforms for hands-on training of our students. This partnership has ensured near 100% absorption of our graduates who are willing to be employed to foster career paths in the industry.